High Quality Solid Wood Furniture

mobila din lemn masiv intr-o bucatarie cu o masa cu finisaj natural

grafium Furniture – love and passion incarnate

The solid wood furniture is the product closest to our heart. grafium produces distinguished custom-made pieces of furniture on a daily basis. Our work with solid wood highlights its natural beauty. The grafium furniture pieces reflect the unique nature of each of our customers. We strive to achieve a harmonic combination of wood with exceptional finishes and quality fittings. Our care and passion for the art permeates every fiber of the finished piece/product. This is why all grafium furniture last for and delight the senses of many generations to come.

Solid wood – the details that make all the difference

Each tree is unique, and each resulting board will have a distinct look. We strive to process the wood in ways in which we can highlight its natural beauty rather than giving it a generic appearance. grafium has developed its own unique technology for laminating large items such as table tops (more details in this article). The result – we are able to produce these massive solid wood countertops of impressive thickness and length with a great visual appeal.

mobila din lemn masiv grafium: birou de stejar masiv cu design minimalist

Articles, news and projects

Chopping board made of oak and maple

Intr-una din zile o doamna ne-a solicitat un tocator de lemn rustic care sa arate bine in bucatarie si care sa aibe o dimensiune relativ mica. Rezultatul: un tocator laminat din trei straturi - straturile exterioare din stejar masiv iar stratul interior din paltin....

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Solid oak desk with steel legs

Am fost solicitat recent de un prieten sa-i construim un birou. Criteriile au fost: blat masiv, care sa scoata in evidenta desenul natural al lemnului. Design minimalist, fara sertare sau corpuri suspendate. Picioare dreptunghiulare, din otel negru. I-am propus un...

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Cross laminated timber used for furniture

Lemnul masiv este un material natural anizotrop. Acest lucru inseamna ca lemnul are proprietati fizice diferite in directii diferite in interiorul materialului. Pentru a intelege mai usor acest fenomen imagineaza-ti lemnul vazut la microscop: arata ca si o multime de...

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